System Optimization

The smooth operation of ECM solutions is one of the most important prerequisites to ensure user acceptance and thus the long-term success of the ECM system.

Efficient IT processes

As cross-departmental ECM systems are becoming increasingly critical to business operations and often consist of many technical components or dependencies to other systems, special attention must be paid to efficient IT processes and the proactive avoidance of faults.

Doctra  will support you in designing such systems, help to optimize processes (based on ITIL processes) and provide tools to efficiently implement proactive measures.

In order to ensure a stable operation - according to the Service Level Agreement defined with the users - it is recommended to regularly subject the system to a Technical Audit or a Performance Analysis. In many cases, failures in the operation of ECM systems can be foreseen and avoided if the systems are proactively monitored.

Comprehensive consulting

Doctra pursues a consulting approach that follows a step-by-step process.

Status assessment of the ECM system at a defined point in time
Comparison with installations that have a similar functionality
Final review of the ECM system for changes

On the basis of each analysis we will create precise suggestions for the system optimization or workflow improvements. This proven approach not only increases the stability of the systems, it also enables the proactive troubleshooting and anticipatory capacity planning.

Audit/performance analysis

During an audit, an experienced Doctra consultant will come to your location to examine the system on site.

Step 1

Our expert will analyze the state of the system or the response times of the system according to standardized methods.

Step 2

After the technical analysis, he and the administrators will examine the overall situation (support cases, problems of the last few months, workflows) in order to identify potentials for improvement across the board.

The analysis with results and concrete improvement measures shall be documented, and can subsequently be implemented.


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